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2021 Member Survey Announcement

By January 30, 2021Community, News

Over the past many years, we have worked hard to improve the quality of the appearance of the community and service we provide to our owners and guests. We are faced with many new obstacles and challenges each year that we work to overcome and find solutions. Our goal is always to retain and improve the value of your investments and provide the best experience we can for those visiting our slice of paradise.

To further that cause, you will be receiving a link to the “2021 Member Survey” that the Board has developed to assist us in identifying areas for improvement. If you can help us out by spending a few minutes to complete the survey and provide feedback in various areas of association and help us see what we are doing right, what we need to improve, and in what direction you believe you believe we need to proceed.

As each property only has one voice, we will only be sending one email out per property to the primary e-mail address we have on file. If you do not receive a copy of the e-mail, please reach out to with your property address.