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Wristband Process


How do we get our wristbands?

Seacrest Beach wristbands are required for beach, pool, and tram access. This is the process for receiving your wristbands for the week:

  1. Upon arriving at house, call Security at 850-830-1657.
  2. Security will verify ability to receive wristbands/parking passes.
  3. Security will give you the number of wristbands and parking passes needed.
  4. Return any outdated wristbands to Security.
  5. Wear the wristbands for access to the pool, tram, and beach access. You will not be
    given access unless you have a wristband.
  6. If wristbands are lost, you must repeat the above process and the cost will be $20 per
  7. Please drop wristbands at receptacle as you leave the property after your stay.