Mediacom Bulk Service Project Update (9/1)

By September 1, 2019 September 22nd, 2019 Community, News

This week, the Mediacom team has been working to install some conduit along scenic highway 30 and along the nature trail that runs between our community and Rosemary Beach (highlighted in orange in the figure below). This is necessary because The Village of South Walton Beach, A La Paix, and the six homes that sit between our neighborhood and The Village of South Walton Beach all receive Mediacom service via connections that originate in our neighborhood. Since they are not party to the bulk service agreement our HOA has signed with Mediacom, they have to be attached to Mediacom’s network at a different connection point. Otherwise, they would get the same unencrypted video signal that each of the homes in Seacrest Beach are going to get.

You should have received a copy of this notice via e-mail. If you did not, please send us a message to To read a complete copy of this notice, please head on over to the Announcements Archive section of the HOA web site.

2019-09-01 Mediacom Bulk Service Project Update